What We Do
Occupational Therapy

  •     Fine Motor Delays
  •     Sensory Processing
  •     Autism Spectrum
  •     Visual Motor/Perceptual Delays
  •     ADD/ADHD
  •     Handwriting Concerns

Physical Therapy

  •     Gross Motor Delays
  •     Prematurity
  •     Cerebral Palsy
  •     Torticollis
  •     Neurological Disorders
  •     Genetic Disorders

Speech Therapy

  •     Autism Spectrum
  •     Voice and Fluency Disorders
  •     Cognitive Impairments
  •     Apraxia of Speech
  •     Swallowing Difficulties
  •     Articulation and Language Disorders


One of the past centuries most brilliant educators, Maria Montesorri, once said… “Play is the work of children”.  Here at CAN Do Kids, each therapist uses appropriate sensory integration techniques to engage patients in fun and motivating activities that address each child’s individual treatment goals. Come play with us!