What We Do
Occupational Therapy

  •     Fine Motor Delays
  •     Sensory Processing
  •     Autism Spectrum
  •     Visual Motor/Perceptual Delays
  •     ADD/ADHD
  •     Handwriting Concerns

Physical Therapy

  •     Gross Motor Delays
  •     Prematurity
  •     Cerebral Palsy
  •     Torticollis
  •     Neurological Disorders
  •     Genetic Disorders

Speech Therapy

  •     Autism Spectrum
  •     Voice and Fluency Disorders
  •     Articulation and Language Disorders
  •     Apraxia of Speech
  •     Swallowing Difficulties
  •     Cognitive Impairments


Play is a child’s work and therapists use appropriate sensory integration techniques to engage patients in fun and motivating activities which address each child’s treatment goals.